Shift Scheduling

JXP is an online scheduling tool that lets you set up shift-based work schedules in a calendar view, manage schedules so that they adapt to day-to-day changes, and then share those schedules with your employees.

JXP Scheduling is also flexible and adapts readily to “real world” scenarios, allowing you to change shift requirements, split shifts across multiple employees, reassign shifts, and more as requirements change to adapt to circumstances.

Automated Scheduling

Complex scheduling requirements are simplified with Schedule Templates – reusable scheduling requirements that can be used to auto-generate and fill entire schedules.

    • Create schedule templates to define different schedule requirements.
    • Automatically generate schedules with employees assigned to shifts.
    • Define rules and constraints based on business, union, and labour requirements.
    • Manage multiple sites/programs, stations, and skills across the entire organization.
    • Manage multiple employee rotations and assign with unique starting weeks.
    • Use default shift types to specify standard working hours.

Schedule Management

Schedules are never fixed and changes are inevitable. Manage complex schedules with an intuituve drag-and-drop interface across your entire organization from a single application.

    • Intuitive Drag & Drop schedule management.
    • Re-assign shifts with call lists based on availability, skills, overtime.
    • Audit shift re-assignment calls to employees.
    • Create shift re-assignment “call-back” wait times.
    • Split existing shifts into two separate shifts.
    • Create “Special” shifts that occur outside of normal schedules.
    • Full audit of all shift changes: when, what, and who.
    • View schedule by Site/Station or Employee.
    • Create and save schedule filters for different views.

Employee Self-Service

Give your employees access to their own schedules to request time-off and additional shifts for which they qualify.

    • Publish schedules for all or selected employees to view.
    • Submit time-off requests, receive optional email notifications for request status.
    • Employees can set their own availability, with data entry cut-off dates.
    • Employees can request available shifts for which they are qualified.
    • “My Schedule” and “My Availability” views.
    • Time-Off report showing Allotted, Accrued, Used and Remaining time-off benefits.