Time-Off Management

When managing time-off benefits, it is important to get it right. JXP’s Time-Off management lets you create any number of time-off types, defining:

  • Maximum hours
  • Capped hours
  • Accrual types (daily, weekly, monthly, or not accrued)
  • Hours and accrual rules based on years of service
  • Time-off categories to track specific time-off from a single time-off bank

Each employee has their own defined time-off from the time-off types, allowing you to further define:

  • Hours per year
  • Rollover unused hours from previous years
  • Accrual date

And adjustments can be made to each employee’s time-off bank with full auditing.

Additional time-off banks, driven by hours worked in over time and during statutory holidays, are also available (lieu and stat holiday, and on-call).

Employees can review their time-off benefits at any time, seeing exactly the hours requested, pending approval, and used with actual hours remaining and accrued hours available.

Time-off requests can be sent to multiple approvers for review, and each time-off request can be seen in context of the affected shifts to aid in better decision making.