Security Policy

Intekron is committed to keeping your information private and secure. We use industry-leading technologies and policies to protect the confidentiality of your corporate data, and we will continue to update our systems to stay at the forefront of security processes and technologies.

A. SSL Encryption (optional)

An optional SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communication channel may be used within our hosted solutions to deliver a greater level of security and data privacy.

  • Many of our hosting solutions offer this at no additional cost, however if you wish to utilize this capability with a solution that currently does not have it built-in, please contact us for pricing.

B. Data Storage

  • Our servers are securely located in state-of-the-art facilities that are managed by Community IT Solutions and LOOK Communications.
  • Our servers and databases are redundant and are backed up each evening, while recent backups are moved off-property to a secure, private facility designed to store and regulate access to critical data. This ensures that your data is safe, redundant, and securely accessible by our Data Management Technicians. In the event of a failure or emergency, your data will always remain safe, secure, and corrupt-free.
  • In addition to redundant file operations, Intekron supports an open, scalable architecture designed to handle large Internet traffic loads without exposing users to unfortunate delays and pauses from within our system. As traffic increases, Intekron is committed to upgrading technology in order to provide the maximum level of speed, service, and reliability to our users.

C. Account Number, User ID and Password

To ensure that our subscribers identify themselves in a secure and reliable way, Intekron Hosted Applications use a three-field authentication system. We require the use of an Account Number, a User ID and Password to log in to our service. Your login information is stored on our secured servers and all passwords are one-way encrypted. As a good security practice, we also recommend that you regularly change your Password.

All login attempts are automatically logged and monitored for suspicious activity (such as multiple login attempts, attempted fraudulent access, etc). Designed to catch un-authorized intruders, these systems ensure that only you can access your company’s secure data.

D. Access Rights

Each authorized Intekron Hosted Application subscriber is only allowed to access their own specific data. To ensure this, a Password is required to access each hosted application account. The Password is chosen by the subscriber and is encrypted so that even our employees and systems administrators cannot access it. Intekron also maintains access logs and other documentation so that if a security breach does occur, it can be easily traced and identified.