Not all employees work shifts; some record their time to different projects or tasks.  JXP provides a Timesheet to let employees record their workday, in real time, and manage their time-off through the same approval processes used for shifted employees.

JXP’s Timesheet has many flexible features making it the perfect business management tool for service-oriented businesses of any size.

    • Simple intuitive timesheet views.
    • Multiple ways of entering time slips.
    • Multiple concurrent stopwatches.
    • Real-time management view of user timesheets.
    • Real-time pre-packaged and customizable productivity and effectiveness reports.
    • Unlimited clients, projects and user-defined work-tasks.
    • Vacation, holiday and attendance tracking.
    • Timesheet submission and approval workflows.
    • Missing time reports.
    • Time slip error reports.
    • Statutory holidays.
    • Minimum and maximum hours per day and week thresholds.
    • Banked and Overtime tracking.